HackerRank SQL #4

1. Ollivander’s Inventory 1.1 SQL Server withjoin_tablesas(selectid,age,coins_needed,powerfromwandsinnerjoinwands_propertyonwands_property.

101 SQLFluff

1. Introduction Are you tired of people nitpicking when doing code reviews?

HackerRank SQL #2 and #3

1. Top Competitors 1.1 SQL Server withjoin_tablesas(selectsubmission_id,submissions.hacker_id,name,submissions.challenge_id,submissions.scoreashacker_score,challenges.difficulty_level,difficulty.scoreaschallenge_scorefromsubmissionsinnerjoinchallengesonchallenges.challenge_id=submissions.challenge_idinnerjoindifficultyondifficulty.difficulty_level=challenges.difficulty_levelinnerjoinhackersonhackers.hacker_id=submissions.hacker_id),add_flag_columnas(select*,casewhenhacker_score=challenge_scorethen1else0endasis_full_scorefromjoin_tables),filter_only_full_scoresas(select*fromadd_flag_columnwhereis_full_score=1),count_num_challengesas(selecthacker_id,name,COUNT(*)astotal_num_challengesfromfilter_only_full_scoresgroupbyhacker_id,namehavingCOUNT(*)>=2)selecthacker_id,namefromcount_num_challengesorderbytotal_num_challengesdesc,hacker_idasc2. Weather Observation Station 20 2.

HackerRank #1

This is my first post on a series in which I’ll share my solutions to several HackerRank exercises.

Sneakers Web Crawlers

📣📣📣 A couple of days ago we released our first contribution to the open-source community from the cotatenis project.

My first contribution to Pycaret

I’m thrilled to announce that my first contribution to PyCaret has been accepted.

Image dataset about sneakers

Last year I’ve joined in an incredible journey to build a search engine for the best prices for sneakers in the Brazilian market along with my colleagues Marcel Melo and João Paulo Magalhães.

Customizing images filenames when using ImagesPipeline

Scrapy is an awesome framework available with batteries included that helps our job done with less friction.

Some actions to reduce storage billing nearly 80% at GCS

Introduction At cotatenis, we’re developing a price comparison site for sneakers for Brazilian online stores.

Load testing a machine learning model

1. Introduction In the last couple of years, I have seen a shift in the data science content that had been published on the web from more introductory content, like how algorithms works, model training, validation process, to one about how models behave in the real world.